When you least expect, an incredibly feminine creature catches your eye who in the snap of a second inspires your deepest most secret fantasies with her exotic, natural beauty. Her smile arrests your soul radiating a magnetic, down-to-earth charm as you become aware that I am that woman standing before you. From the second our voices touch to the next when our eyes lock, you will realize that I am the consummate GFE.

Of Brazilian and European descent, I spent my childhood in San Diego known as America’s finest city and birthplace of California. At a young age, I developed chemistry with the sandy surf and sudsy waters of the Pacific Ocean and that hasn’t changed. More specifically, I was raised in the affluent, resort city of Carlsbad where I cultivated a taste for golf (Tiger Woods, Big Bertha, Calloway – I can tell you stories about them all!).

My grandfather told me countless times, “I don’t care if you’re a sanitation worker but you better be the best damned sanitation worker ever and enjoy what you do!” His advice coupled with inherent family business smarts and Wall Street mentality laid the foundation for many successful ventures in my life. After founding a lucrative tanning salon business, I decided to cash out and put that freedom to work to pursue new endeavors. The San Diego chapter of my life was closed and a new one opened in the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

I was drawn to sensual courtship as an art form, a way of life expressed by a courtesan who lives and breathes its truest meaning. I take great pleasure in the company of men, women and couples as I discover beauty in everyone. I find an explosive attraction in the sensuality created between two women and relish the dynamic that bonds us.

Resounding in mind, body and spirit, being an authentic GFE conforms to the deepest interpretation of who I am!