I just Returned From An Amazing 10/10 trip to Amsterdam and London

Originally posted on October 1, 2014 at 1:06 am

Thank You to a very special man that has changed how I view the world. I’ve always lived as though the world is my oyster and a pearl is within all.

Yes, I have been blessed by many friends, couples, and some of the most genuine, loving, and sincere gentleman.
I’ve been able to travel to Cabo, Chicago, New York City, Aruba etc..

The one that will probably (hate to say I’ll never see anyplace else) is my trip to Amsterdam and London.

I privileged to fly 1st class the entire flight from Las Vegas to Europe. Some may not realize the enormity or scoff at this yet, this woman is honored, humbled, and plain out right grateful!!

The man I speak of is so special and has treated me like his queen. Some may say the hobby holds no love f…  I strongly disagree!

I don’t want to speak more of this person because I don’t want him to make our scenario public.  Yet, Mr. ??? – Know you are a once in a lifetime!

Good things come to those who wait.  I strongly believe in karma and having had been touched by many angels and saints. You are priceless!!

Much adoration and love from your little Slixa woman :-))

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