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How a gentleman conducts himself around a courtesan is equal to how he conducts himself around any woman with whom he chooses to spend his time. Proper practice precludes any mention of acts or exchange related to sex or any measure of the word. Such lewd behavior is disrespectful, frowned upon by a courtesan and found offensive by any female. The adage ‘getting off on the wrong foot’ would certainly apply.
Prelude to Ecstasy (1 hour) : $500
When one hour isn’t enough (90 minutes) : $700
A Sampling of Ecstasy : $900 (2 hours)

Wet your appetite with a flavor of what’s to come.

Happy Hour Celebration (Monday through Friday 4-7pm) : $900

What’s left after a long day spent at a stressful convention? A refreshing celebration with an enchanting lady who will rejuvenate your vitality. Ask me about details.

Pool Party (noon - 6): $1,000
Fun, sun, laughs, food and plenty of uninhibited adult activity!!!
Three Hours of Eternity (3 hours) : $1,100
Let’s paint the town like there’s no tomorrow!
Dining Indulgence : $1,500

Bask in true companionship with a stunning and engaging girlfriend (GFE)  where the experience melts with timeless conversation, laughter and total intimacy. Whether it is lunch or dinner, time will blur as we become completely engaged in each other.

Slumber Party : $2,500

An intriguing evening that seemingly never ends. It begins with dinner and follows its own course as the night fades into morning and kisses over breakfast in bed. For reasonable consideration, our rendezvous can linger long into the day revealing a euphoric afterglow.

24-Hour Splendor : $4,000

I will be your mistress and dedicated girlfriend wrapped in your arms creating the times of our lives absorbing what Las Vegas is all about – fantasy! Like spontaneous teenagers with no concept of time we will dwell over lunch, linger in shops and indulge in luxurious spa treatments. We will feed each other over dinner and savor a fabulous wine before attending a spectacular show. What happens during the night is up to us!

Couples Indulgence : 600 first hour ($400 every hour thereafter)

Aaah. Now we are talking! Such a beautiful experience can only expand with time. Quality is at the core of my essence. I just love women, their beauty and energy. It is all about the lady, first and foremost. Please read my couples’ reviews. Travel arrangements are available and I will need to discuss with you in detail

Weekend Get-A-Way for Two : $10,000

Your full time Girlfriend from Friday evening to Monday morning.  Please Inquire for more specifics.

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Special Gifts

I do not expect any gifts from my friends. However, many friends ask me what I would like if they were to get me a gift. My number one priority is my daughters college tuition, and the majority of what I do is to be able to allow my daughter a future that I didn’t have.

On a personal note, as a new home owner, I’m in need of some new furniture and office needs (ex. color printer).

My womanly side is drawn to beautiful Asian art pieces. I am Buddhist and I live in a Zen world. Tokens of spiritual gifts place a huge smile on my face.

I don’t judge the size or price-tag of any gift. It is the thought that counts and I’m lucky to be in this industry, as it is all of the other extras are icing on the cake. The biggest token of someone wanting to make me smile is being able to take my daughter to see shows, cultural events, and small trips for she and I.

The smile on young girls face looking into her mom’s eyes is priceless. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Even if you are unable to contribute, its nice to know that you cared enough to read this page.


Lovely Lorena de leon

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