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How a gentleman conducts himself around a courtesan is equal to how he conducts himself around any woman with whom he chooses to spend his time. Proper practice precludes any mention of acts or exchange related to sex or any measure of the word. Such lewd behavior is disrespectful, frowned upon by a courtesan and found offensive by any female. The adage ‘getting off on the wrong foot’ would certainly apply.

Some of the best things in life are better left unspoken less they be spoiled. Mention of donations is one of them and an absolute guarantee that your date will end before it’s begun. No words are necessary when placing your donation in an envelope in the bathroom in plain view during the first five minutes of our acquaintance. To learn more, go to my Rates page.
Identify Yourself
When you are placing your donation in the bathroom, also leave proper identification such as your current driver’s license. If you take issue with this requirement, it would be in your best interest to look elsewhere for companionship at the conclusion of this sentence. A gentleman of true identity realizes that a lady must be free of suspicion in obtaining a comfort level if their date is to flow with ease.
Discretion & Verification
Whether you choose to communicate through email or participate in forums and chat rooms, always shield your identity. This includes establishing a private and anonymous email account and using an alias at all times. However, when you schedule a date with a courtesan, be prepared to reveal your true identity so that she can verify who you are. Verifying a client is a timely and costly process for which there are no shortcuts. My safety is paramount and if your identity cannot be verified beyond a shadow of a doubt then our date will regrettably be canceled.
Value of Your Date

When you consider the true cost of a traditional date and the risk you face that you may end up unsatisfied at the end of the evening, engaging with a courtesan is a tremendous value and satisfaction practically guaranteed. Here’s a breakdown of a conventional date:

  • Car Wash: $15
  • Tank of Gasoline: $65
  • Valet: $10
  • Flowers: $35
  • Dinner w/ a bottle of wine: $150
  • Comedy club w/ cocktails: $75

Total: $350

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